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Free Intarsia Patterns

Intarsia patterns you'll see on the next page are for you to use and enjoy. You'll love building these woodworking projects for yourself or if you sell intarsia crafts, add these to your line. Download as many free patterns or scrollsaw templates as you can use, or just view them for inspiration for your own creativity.

You'll notice that my intarsia is different from what you normally see, you may choose to follow my style or easily build these patterns to your own style of woodworking.

Much of my early woodworking was building inlaid tables, that is how my style developed. More recently I've used  intarsia as decoration on entertainment centers, armoire's, gun cabinets and hope chests.

Tools for your wood working projects will be shown here. Delta, Makita, DeWalt, Excalibur power tools are some of the tools I use. A scroll saw is a must have if your going to get into cutting small parts.

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 wood parquet table top

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Woodworking Art

Woodworking, intarsia and art has been the main interest of my life. I've made my living at this for the past 30 years as a cabinetmaker and furniture builder. Sometimes I've been in business for myself and sometimes worked for others.

 Cabinetmaker's love building the fancy stuff, but for most of us cabinetmakers this isn't what you build on a daily bases.

 I tell people I have an affliction called "art" and it seems to drive me towards wanting to do something different, something artful with each woodworking project I'm involved with. 

 I love to design, to add the little finishing touches that makes the piece stand out as unique.

 Having owned woodworking businesses I am interested in the business end of woodworking and it's challenges. So these topics and some others like computers and business on the web are the main subjects of this site.

I hope that some of the information on this website will be useful for you and those who  are new to woodworking will, as I do, grow to love intarsia.

Intarsia woodworking art
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