Your Woodworking Can't Please Everyone


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Critics can change the direction of your life so be careful who you listen to.

Everyone has an opinion and they are willing to give advice, yeah even me. Sometimes criticism can be good for you, but not always.

When it comes to art and woodworking the critics seem to be in abundance.

I have tried to build a tough skin letting most negative words about my art bounce off of me while trying to maintain "my" idea of the creative direction I feel I should move in.

I have people in my life "non artist" that think I should give up my dreams of being an artist because they don't see it going any where.

Hanging on to youthful dreams they say.  In their eyes they see everything in dollars, where I see it in the satisfaction of doing what you love to do, just the challenge and pleasure of doing it.

"If you haven't made it by now you never will",  what they don't know is that I have made it, not the money goal that they have in mind but the satisfaction and pleasure of adding a part of myself to the lives of those who spent there hard earned money to have my art.

After all isn't life a learning adventure.

This cabinet, is an example of a criticism experienced. It's one of my earlier designs, that I took it on a trip to a Houston, Texas  Antique show. I was living in Missouri at the time when a friend who dwelt with antiques invited me to go to the show. I took along this RCA cabinet. The show was quite large with many sellers of various antiques, the isles were packed with people.

I remember this woman calling over to another woman she was with, saying to her "isn't that about the ugliest thing you've ever seen?" Well you might know what was going through my mind. The other woman said she kind of liked it.

It can be a blow to ones confidence. Of course your hoping everyone loves what you do. Well the cabinet didn't sell that day.

About three months later someone walked into my showroom and fell in love with it, all $1800 worth. I was happy the see it sell. And that sale helped to toughen my skin on criticism.

You can't please everyone, be creative,  follow you heart and do the best you can, after all it's your voice.


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RCA Cabinet with intarsia Doors

This cabinet  is one of my early attempts of creativity using wood on furniture to create an intarsia design.

 It is an RCA Victrola cabinet that was found in a barn. All of the record player and radio parts were beyond repair and some wood damage here and there.

 The doors were shot except for the side turned trim, so I replaced the cabinet doors. I loved the turned parts on the cabinet and on the inside were three colors of wood inlay work that I wanted to save.

 I modified the inside of the cabinet to fit modern components. The doors split at the straight stem line.

The woods in the intarsia design are ash and popular.