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Finding your next project can be difficult sometimes. You want to do something different but what to do? I like decorating furniture. I will go out looking for a piece of furniture that has some character, a shape that is unique, as they tend to spark my creativity.

 Garage sales, antique shops old barns, auctions...usually I buy old damaged pieces because I can repair the damage and transform it into a useful piece of furniture..

 Although I sometimes find it easier to start with something already made, like an antique cabinet, I will build it myself if inspired to do so.

Tables I've always built myself because I can make it fit my design easier that way.  If your fairly new to woodworking I recommend buying a used piece of furniture that's not in too bad of shape and learn from there.

Here is a close-up of the fairy on the cabinet door.

Fairy and flower on branch. Woodworking art of intarsia.

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 inlay on wood cabinet doors

This cabinet, I believe it's called a "Chifferobe"  was transformed from its original look. I took off the mirror that was in the upper right hand corner and changed out the feet to these round ball feet. Normally there are drawers on the right, I made them into shelves and put a door over them so there would be more space for a design.


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