I Can't Afford
the Tools !!

Woodworking Adventures...  Explore what you can do with wood.

Tools can be expensive. Usually the better quality tools last longer and do a better job of doing it's purpose, but the cost!

I've not always had the quality top end tools to work with. But when that woodworking bug bites you and you must build something you start with what ever you can get.

That's when you study what you want to make, figuring out the basic tools and the steps you need to take to make it happen. Tools will limit you to doing just certain kinds of projects, but not for long.

A place to do the work is also a problem. We all would like to have a large workshop with all the right tools and plenty of space to work around our project, storage space for lumber, hand tools, a drawing board for patterns and a large work bench.

Wow, I've had that in the past but now I live in an apartment and it sure puts a damper on all the woodworking projects I would like to work on. Or does It?

I was blessed with the 20,000sq.ft. shop with the best of tools and how wonderful it a was, but I'm now retired. Retired but still longing to build my next art project, but what to build? I'm in an apartment!!

So I think back to when I started....
I built my first table and chairs on an apartment balcony, it was very basic but was strong. The only power tool I had was a miter saw.

The first major intarsia job was a living room wall. I had been doing some outside painting for a building contractor and told him my visions of building furniture with wood designs and he said he would like to do something to a wall in his living room.

 I drew some sketches and after some revisions we agreed on a design. Living near the ocean and being a surfer he wanted an ocean wave.

 This was my first wall. I only had a miter saw and a saber saw. I decided I could use the miter saw for the trim and saber saw for the design, the saber saw  was a cheap one, about 15-20 dollars.

I had no shop. I had no pattern, I would have to free hand draw as I went along.

 I borrowed a friends backyard concrete patio as my work bench. Put a tarp overhead when it came time to do the finishing.

 I did all my full wall designs in this manner. It wasn't the best situation but it worked and I was doing what I loved to do.

So I guess what I'm wanting to get across to you is that you should not let tools or circumstances limit you.
There is something you can do with only the bare minimum of tools and space. 
So here is the finished products from that period of my adventure in woodworking, the best of luck to you with yours.

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Wood wall  image of surfer's wave
The first wall was 8 x 14 foot using wood stains on birch and ash woods.

Wood on wall image "The Long Road" intarsia.              Back
Dining room wood wall.

Sun wood wall photo
Living room wood wall "The Sun" 12 foot tall  x  20 foot long and next is "The Moon" wall.

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Moon wood wall photo intarsia.