Intarsia wood working style providing a path for your business success in intarsia.

Hear them say ....WOW ! ! !
When you say   "     I     "    did this ! ! !

Faster and Easier than regular intarsia.

Yes, you can make these
 beautiful works of art

Just follow the step by step

instructions and pictures.

  • The next generation of woodworking skills are here!

  • Increase  your business today

  • Take the lead  in new design ideas

  • Move  your work from the realm of crafts to the world of " art "

  • Create  beautiful artwork in your own shop with only a few tools.

  • You will be taken step by step thru my process to a new level of craftsmanship.


If you're like me, you would want to know
the secrets that are involved in building
this art work.

Secrets revealed !!
to you today!
You'll learn everything you need and reap the rewards by building with this style of intarsia.

  • You'll learn how to  use stains to shade your designs
    to add depth and perspective.
    Intarsia designs in wood
  • Add color  to enliven the tones of your wood.

  • You'll be amazed  how each step I show you, can change
    the total look of your project.

   Crafters,  see  yourself  at the craft show holding that
  "1st  place" ribbon, as this style stands out above the
    same old teddy bear intarsia.

  Now  you too can have the attention of the media just by using my method of building intarsia, they will love your work !

  Climb  that ladder of success, staying on one level gets you nowhere.

  Are you a professional ,
talented and highlyintarsia cabinet skilled woodworker without  any " art "skills ? 

Well you can learn some here ! 

 By applying these learned skills to your existing quality cabinetry you can bridge the gap and add the   "WOW"!!!   to your portfolio of cabinets and furniture. This will....

Lure big business,  the commercial work that means
high dollar jobs your not getting now.

You'll impress your clients with your new designs and capabilities.

Free Bonus

All the best patterns now come with this E-book !

     Premium Pattern "Running Horses at Sunset"
size 42" x 13" pattern

             regular price for this pattern is $19.95

      Premium Pattern  "Road to the Sun"
size  32 1/2" x 23" pattern  


         regular price for this pattern is $19.95

     Premium Pattern "The Surfer's Wave"
size 36" x 19 1/2" pattern

         regular price for this pattern is $19.95

     Premium Pattern "Flying Home" 
size 36" x 18" pattern 

          regular price for this pattern is $19.95

Extra Bonus

        Hope Chest Plans
     Plan pages, cut list and step by step photos.

regular price for this plan is $ 9.95

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  • Every time   you're struggling to design something for a client that's unlike what all those other woodworkers are doing,  this e-book info will inspire you to design something more unique.

    You and I both know   that  we must not only have a quality built product, but also be capable of innovation to produce on a higher level a product  that the customer can't get from your competition. 

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              Jerry E. Mifflin

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Wow... the Premium Pattern  "Sandflower"  a regular $19.95 value is also YOURS FREE with your order......
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      5 of my best Intarsia Premium Patterns

      Plans for building a hope chest

    The  Intarsia Designing E-book  (includes sandflower pattern and basket weave coffee table plans) is a step by step pictorial instruction.  

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Here you go, it's titled "Hawks Dream"

Another Premium Pattern
size 36" x 21"
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I bought this " Intarsia Designing " E-Book just the other day for $20.oo, and I was happy just for that for the price.
Then along with it comes so many other FREE add-ons.
I'm still downloading and going over the material and for only $20 bucks.
I would say even at twice the price this is still a great buy.
Great work to by the way on the web site getting all that info and easy to get to.
This has been by far the best purchase I have made on the Internet Yet.
Great job and I thank you again for this great sale you've made my year.

 Jerry:  Have received your e-book and found a great deal of information and ideas throughout.  The patterns are very interesting and am hoping to make similar patterns.  Your book has given me many ideas for my own patterns and will let you know how they turn out.  Great value for the buck, thanks.
richard bonnville
Hi Jerry,

 I purchased your ebook really not expecting much.  Boy could I have not 
 been more wrong.
 The ebook with all the freebies is just an incredible value.
 I am very grateful I happened onto your site and took advantage of this
 very gracious offer.


Michael Stark
I have really enjoyed your approach to intarsia woodworking, Your patterns are easy to follow and the designs are beautiful. You are very creative and imaginative. Thank you for suggesting using stains so I can use some of the wood I have around the shop and save money. I love the patterns you have chosen in your e-book and am very excited to begin working on the Sanflower today. Thank you very much for taking the time to create your e-book .


I am so pleased with the amazing value of this Intarsia ebook package. Not only are the
main patterns and information exquisite, but the bonus patterns and info are at much
greater value than the cost of the main product. I'd highly recommend this to all my
friends who like to work with wood or do creative projects. Thank you Jerry for such a
fine value!


Just off the top, you take intarsia from cute craft into the realm of
art and decoration to be proud of.  Your designs provide a worthwhile
starting point for personal expression and design.  The drawings and
photos alone are worth the price.  I hope you continue to inspire.

Kerm Jensen 
	Intarsia hope chest You can learn this style of woodworking today!

Anybody with Windows or  Mac can use this E-Book.
It will be  on PDF  and you'll have at your disposal a great
woodworking tool.

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